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By and on February 5, 2018

Introducing Learnography’s Innovation Lab

2017 was a year to be proud of with great client collaborations and quite a few exciting awards under our belt. But we always strive to have our finger on the pulse and our vision set to the future in the learning space. With that in mind, 2018 started off with a bang for Learnography […]

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By on December 20, 2017

5 Tips for Managing an Office Move

We did it! We have officially been settled into our new office space for over a month. And what a time it’s been! We spent the first few weeks balancing excitement with exhaustion, building new habits, and gaining clarity together about the culture we want to cultivate in our new space. I have learned that […]

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By on August 31, 2017

Learning From Leaders in Unusual Places

At Learnography, we talk a lot about the many pathways to developing leadership, including learning from the leaders around us. Leaders in our own field and organizations are good sources of inspiration, but we sometimes forget about the other examples of leadership we encounter outside of our workplace that can inspire us in different ways. […]

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By on April 27, 2017

What Being a Learning Organization Means For Us

“Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.” – Peter Senge At Learnography, our core competency is how people learn. That creates an inherent obligation for us to “walk our talk,” and part of that means being a learning organization. As a learning organization, we recognize we don’t know it all and that knowledge is ever-expanding. We […]

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By on January 6, 2017

Paying It Forward as a Woman in Leadership: Part Two

In my previous blog, I shared some of my experiences as a young professional and how women in my career have supported me in becoming the leader I am today. Now at the start of a new year, I’m thinking about what I can do proactively – and I hope you can do too – […]

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By on December 8, 2016

Paying It Forward as a Woman in Leadership

I have always felt reluctant to call myself a feminist. In my generation, the term was often painted as a “bad word” or derogatory label, something that didn’t apply to those of us who never had to fight for the rights we have. But after the shocking results of the recent American election, I found […]

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By on October 28, 2016

On Organizational Culture: Why I Moved My Office

Things have been growing fast around here. It seems like every day there are new faces and projects on the go. It’s really exciting to see our ideas and initiatives come to life, but this growth also requires a lot of effort to ensure we have the tools, space, and culture in which people can […]

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By on July 21, 2016

5 Insights from the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum

This June, I had the privilege of attending the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum (CKMF) as a participant and presenter. I was also delighted to have several members of the Learnography team participate, and what a fantastic opportunity it was. The CKMF is designed to bring together researchers, knowledge mobilization practitioners, and a variety of other […]

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By on July 8, 2016

Managing Millennials: The benefits of engaging the workplace’s youngest generation

In my organization, there are a wide range of generations. Some people are in the early stages of their careers while others are looking towards retirement. As a mid-career professional, it’s interesting to straddle the generational divide. Managing millennials is getting a lot of attention these days, and some of it is not positive.  It […]

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