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By on November 16, 2017

The ‘Now and Next’ of Learning Technology: DevLearn 2017

As a return participant at DevLearn, I had an understanding of what to expect from the 3-day-long conference, and did it ever live up to my expectations. In reflecting on the many sessions, keynotes, and conversations, the recurring message of the conference was clear: the learning climate and the vehicles we use to engage our […]

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By on June 8, 2017

Remaining Risks in the Mature Digital Learning Market

Since the name was first coined in 1999, the strategies and mechanics of eLearning have matured and evolved dramatically, but there are still some imperfections. From my experience in digital learning, there are three main areas for improvement. Gamification Gamification presents educational content in the context of a game scenario in order to maximize user […]

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By on December 15, 2016

Big Data: How to Target Your Learning Community

In the marketplace we work in today, organizations need to stay competitive. In order to do so, quite frankly, you need to know what’s going on around you. As such, some companies have begun to do more with their data than ever before. The spread of data analytics and the joys of user research is […]

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By on May 19, 2016

The Power of Networking in Business: Finding Your ‘You’

As an advocate of the professional and social practice of networking, I support the notion that the ability to network is vital to the success of individuals like me, who represent their organization at a business development level. However, in order to truly harness the power of networking, it is important to identify what makes […]

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