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By on November 17, 2016

Dessert in Virtual Reality: Unexpected Learning at DevLearn

Ok, wow. I’m at DevLearn in Las Vegas. That’s cool enough. No need for perks. I’m already a very happy learning professional. Approach. Learn. Then I happened upon an empty Grand Ballroom at MGM Grand. The afternoon keynote would take place here in an hour or so. I thought, great, I’ll grab a seat and […]

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By on September 8, 2016

On Leadership: How Serving Each Other Helps Us All to Succeed

I just turned 36. I serve Learnography as Solutions Director and Interim Design Director. I was recently asked about my “leadership journey.” I am proud of the success I’ve achieved in my career thus far. I’m hungry to learn and grow and I think that is evident in the work I do and the roles […]

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By on September 2, 2016

Evolution. Education.

SXSWedu underscored the importance of personalized learning. In fact, the conference came to a close with a series of sessions on this topic. Among many substantial lessons, the value of serving the learner on an individualized level may have been my greatest take-away from SXSW. Questions. Answers. I’m not a leading researcher or academic in […]

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By on August 18, 2016

Simon Sinek & the Power of Personal Beliefs in Business

We like people who believe what we believe. We gravitate to circumstances that validate our beliefs, understandings, and values. In fact, it is because I believe what I believe that I so greatly anticipated the Simon Sinek keynote talk at ATD 2016 in Denver, Colorado. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy that I would enjoy the keynote […]

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By on May 26, 2016

Simon Sinek on Leadership, Learning, Vision, and Purpose 

  Sitting in anticipation of Simon Sinek’s talk, Leaders Eat Last, in the Colorado Convention Center at ATD 2016, is like concert stadium pandemonium in my nerdy nervous belly. The crowd is enormous here in the Bellco Theater (with a spill over hall to accommodate audience overflow), but the attendees are well mannered and professional. […]

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By on April 29, 2016

Recruiting for Talent Development

  In the pursuit of organizational goals, you need to have the right people. But finding the right candidates is not an easy task. The perfect candidate is like a unicorn—a mythical ideal you can spend an exorbitant amount of time chasing. If you can find that unicorn, your organization will be in stiff recruitment […]

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By on April 14, 2016

The Tech and Learning (r)Evolution

  Emerge. Evolve. There’s growing evidence to suggest that integrating technology into learning can have positive outcomes both in and out of the classroom for students at traditional learning institutions. According to new research released by McGraw-Hill Education last month, 62 percent of students say technology helps them feel better prepared in class. “The Impact […]

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By on March 24, 2016

Transitions: Teaching the Teachers

March 23rd marks the first day of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario’s annual conference. Now in its sixth year, this year’s theme is “Transitions: learning across borders, sectors, and silos.” I have the pleasure of serving on today’s “Teaching the Teachers” panel where my fellow panelists and I will discuss preparing teachers for […]

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By on March 16, 2016

Innovation in Education

SXSWedu is on the cutting edge. The conference and education festival ran from March 7th through 10th in Austin, Texas. Embedded in a comprehensive education conference with everything from The Playground to Meet-Ups is SXSWedu Launch, an innovative contest sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. SXSWedu Launch provides startups in the education space with […]

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By on February 12, 2016

Looking. Forward.

Leadership development is one of the hottest topics in training today. When I asked Angela Gravelle, Executive Director of the Ontario Municipal Leadership Institute, about her thoughts on why leadership is so front and centre, she offered up a poignant fact. “A leadership crisis is looming in Ontario’s municipal sector, as close to 50 per […]

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