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Success Story: Learning Through the Arts

By on October 14, 2015

Arts Education

Exposure to the arts is an essential component of students’ intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth and well-being. Arts education also promotes two important skills for the 21st century learner – creativity and critical thinking. Acknowledging the important role that the arts play in a balanced education, while recognizing that schools in the province have varying access to professional resources and support, Ontario’s Ministry of Education introduced a revised arts curriculum designed to promote cross-curricular integration of the arts.

The Challenge:

Many of Ontario’s elementary and secondary school educators are generalists. With limited or no specialized training in arts instruction, teachers must learn and adopt new teaching and assessment strategies to effectively implement and meet the learning expectations of the revised arts curriculum.

In 2009 the Ontario Ministry of Education partnered with us to build educators’ capacity in integrating arts education into their programs by producing a series of free videos and resources to:

  1. Provide an understanding of the philosophy and intent of the new curriculum.
  2. Show teachers what the new arts curriculum looks like in action.
  3. Illustrate effective practices in the curriculum.

Our Solutions:

  1. We created a series of 57 videos highlighting best-case examples of cross-curricular teaching.
  2. We worked collaboratively with the client to develop a clear concept and format for the videos prior to filming.
  3. We captured a broad range of topics and teaching approaches from a variety of classroom settings throughout Ontario.

Learning Through the Arts Case Study


The Results:
Click here to read full solutions and results of the Learning Through the Arts Case Study.

Explore how we distilled new information and ideas into an inspiring, accessible, and customized learning experience on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Education:


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