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Celebrating #Canada150: Milk for Britain

By on June 13, 2017

As a learning organization, we always jump at the chance to educate. And with Canada Day coming up, what better time to learn a little more about our nation’s history? Take a look at the ten-minute documentary below, which detials an important event in Canadian history that you may not have ever heard about. Produced by our very own Danijel Margetic for Kin Canada, this award-winning documentary recounts the hugely successful Canadian-run Milk for Britain campaign — a great moment of pride in our history.

WWII took a heavy toll on Europe, including the head of our Commonwealth, Great Britain. By the time The Blitz ended in June of 1941, no neighbourhood in London was spared, but Britain remained unoccupied. Germany’s next strategy was to starve the island nation out. German U-Boats fanned out across the Atlantic, destroying every supply ship they could. England was facing a severe shortage of supplies and strict rationing was in effect. Lord Woolton, the British Minister of Food, implored the allies:

“Won’t you people in the Americas do without cream in your coffee just one day a week so little children here can have milk?”

The call was heard and taken up by an extraordinary Canadian: Hal Rogers, the founder of the Association of Kinsmen Clubs of Canada.

And this is the story of how he helped to save Britain: