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Amy Coupal

Amy Coupal I am CEO of Learnography and have been with the organization since 2006. I have a M.Ed. and have worked with the Toronto District School Board, Japan’s Osaka School Board, and the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario before joining Learnography in 2006. I champion the role of the learner in the training process and advocate for all learning levels. From working closely with My Class Needs, to allocating resources to create free adult courses, I believe in true learning advocacy. I live in Toronto with my husband and children.



Kate Salmon

Kate Salmon Kate Salmon (@CSCKate) is a Communications Specialist and general word nerd from Ottawa, Ontario. With a BA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo, she continues her learning journey at Learnography with a great team of former educators who are dedicated to creating transformative learning experiences. She lives in Toronto with her very fat cat.



Kyla Clarke

Kyla Clarke As a student of the world, I am a traveler at heart whose passion for digital and social media runs as deep as my passion for learning. With a linguistics degree from Carleton University and a professional writing diploma from Algonquin College under my belt, I continue to seek ongoing education in all areas of life: learning languages, interacting with those who are unlike me, and absorbing the latest in current events. In my spare time, you’ll find me at rock concerts, yoga classes, or eating pad thai.



Christopher Gunn

Christopher Gunn Chris Gunn is Learnography’s Solutions Consultant, focusing on new business development. With a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s in Public Policy, he enjoys the thrill of combining theory and natural progressions in the economy with innovative thinking and learning principles. He is passionate about finding new ways for people to learn and is a longstanding advocate of information sharing and collaboration. In his spare time, Chris is into deadlifts, Nike sneakers, music festivals and basketball.



Lauren Huxtable

Lauren Huxtable Lauren Huxtable is a University of Toronto student, formerly a student at the University of King’s College, with a fancy for Philosophy and Rhetoric. She is spending her summer with Learnography as a Communications Intern, developing practical experience in the field that has encompassed the majority of her life: education. She lives in Toronto in a dark basement apartment – but it has exposed brick!



Martin Whelan

Martin Whelan Martin was born and raised in Ireland where he studied graphic design and obtained a BA in Visual Communications. His love for art and design led him to Toronto and eventually to Learnography. He continues to develop his design skills by attending seminars, workshops, and indulging in print magazines. Martin believes every day is a learning opportunity and that by working (and learning) together, we can all achieve more.  When he’s not glued to inDesign, he enjoys camping, catching Pokemon, and talking to his dog.