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DisruptHR 5.0: The talks, the tweets, and the transformations

By on January 5, 2018

This year marked my third time attending DisruptHR: I first covered the event in 2015, then came back as a speaker in 2016. This year I returned to reconnect with my now-favourite community of workplace disruptors, and I brought my CEO Amy along!

disrupthr toronto

Now, Amy is a busy lady, and she made a point of telling me on the way over to MaRS that she had a second event to attend that evening, so she might not stay long. But by the time the first round of speakers had wrapped, Amy had decided she wasn’t going anywhere. She was having a blast, and she was tweeting up a storm!

amy tweet

As you can tell from the number of retweets and replies to Amy’s post, the DisruptHR community is incredibly active on Twitter. We were trending within the first hour, and people were actively reading and responding to each others’ tweets, engaging in lively discussion on issues that mattered to them. Thanks to Twitter’s newly increased character count limit, some of the conversations I had went quite deep and spanned over multiple days.

Twitter adds a whole new dimension to DisruptHR, where the five-minute pecha kuchas move so quickly that it’s impossible to capture every idea in a tweet. Attendees rely on the ideas captured by other people to create a fuller picture of the content shared. The retweets and likes fly left and right as the presenters breeze through a new slide every 20 seconds, and before you know it, it’s all over. It’s a pace that every other learning event should be envious of, because the high energy breeds excitement and enthusiasm for new ideas.

Learnography has played with this model at our events like Brunchography, where we had rapid fire panels coupled with quick team exercises. We have learned that the success of an event often rests on the engagement of the attendees, and we are working hard to cultivate a learning audience as dynamic and eager for transformation as the DisruptHR crew.

Note: It seems wrong to talk about audience engagement without throwing a shout out to the Roundtable team for their recent Recharge Unconference. The senior leaders who attended Recharge had lots to contribute and asked some great questions. And of course, they brought their A-game on twitter. Check out #RechargeTO to see what all the hype is about.

By Kate Salmon

Kate SalmonKate Salmon (@CSCKate) is a Communications Manager and general word nerd from Ottawa, Ontario. With a BA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo, she continues her learning journey at Learnography with a great team of former educators who are dedicated to creating transformative learning experiences. She lives in Toronto.