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Family Day Weekend: Why you should spend this weekend learning with your family

By on February 17, 2017

On a regular day, we only have what seems like a limited amount of time to spend with our families due to work, school, or anything else that keeps us busy. In Ontario, we are celebrating Family Day weekend and taking some extra time to spend with our families. Learning can come in many shapes and forms, so this weekend, why not spend a little extra time learning with your family?

family weekend learning

Family literacy is an important aspect of a child’s life. By reading, singing songs, and having engaging conversations with your child, you greatly influence how your child grows and develops. Family is the most important factor that influences a child, controls their learning, environment, culture, and well-being. By spending more time focusing on your child’s learning during early childhood, you can bring about positive long-term outcomes to their mental well-being and motivation to learn.

But family activities like these aren’t just good for children. Why not visit your older relatives or grandparents this long weekend? Activities and social interactions that provide mental stimulation are also highly beneficial for the elderly. Make sure it’s not just the same old task though — unfamiliar and challenging activities are the key to stimulating the mind. Starting a new hobby or skill that requires learning something new has been shown to increase brain function. It’s the perfect time to introduce your grandparents to your new favourite past time or teach them to use some new technology.

But family learning isn’t just about children or the elderly. By participating in learning activities with the young and the elderly, and with their peers, adults are also benefiting. Engaging in learning activities positively influences your own cognitive abilities. You can also deepen your relationship with your family members which increases happiness and solidifies the importance of learning within the household. This type of environment encourages learning and motivation and, in turn, positively impacts everyone in the family.

Whether you go out or stay in, spend some quality time learning with your family. Here is how the Learnography team is spending time learning with their families this long weekend:

“We’re headed to the Aquarium! My family is very interested in the underwater world – who lives there and how we can take care of our aquatic ecosystems.  It’s a great thing to learn about together.” – Amy, CEO

“Family Day is an opportunity to reflect on what makes our family special and how we all become stronger and closer as we learn from the good times and the life challenges that we experience.” – Pauline Beggs, Development Director

“I will be spending Family Day with my grandparents. I love soaking in my Grandpa’s words of wisdom.” – Elyse, Operations Coordinator

“I never cook for myself at home, so every family get-together becomes a lesson on how to cut onions, peel potatoes, or pickle pickles. And to their credit, my aunts and uncles never tell me that these are things I should have learned by now. Their patience and good humour make every cooking lesson fun.” – Kate, Communications Strategy Specialist

“I’m spending the weekend cross country skiing with my family. Through shared experiences and learning from each other’s techniques (and mistakes), we all grow together.” – Tom, Solutions Coordinator

Share with us: how do you learn with your family?

By Grace Lee

Grace is a Media Communications student at Humber College. As part of her college internship, she is working at Learnography as a Social Media Coordinator, mastering hashtags and emojis and everything in between.