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Meet #TeamLearnography: Valerie Klein Litman

By on August 3, 2017

The team at Learnography is a close-knit group of lifelong learners, which is why it’s always so exciting when we welcome an enthusiastic new face. I sat down with Valerie Klein Litman, who, after several months in a freelance role, is our new Web/Interactive Designer. Welcome to the team, Valerie! Get to know her below:  

What brings you to Learnography?.

Finding Learnography has been a perfect fit scenario. “When I first read the initial opportunity [for a freelance position], I was very excited to find a company that valued innovation as well as my skill set. As I worked more closely with Learnography, it became even more clear that it’s a place where I could grow and learn from others.” She values the detailed thought process and design thinking that goes into every project, and when the opportunity presented itself to stay on full time, she jumped on board.

What is the most difficult part of the role so far?

“Juggling my interests and making sure that I stay up-to-date on current trends in technology and education.” Valerie has a unique background that combines graphic design, communication, education, marketing, and web development and has been searching for a way to bring them all together. “I have this skill set that doesn’t seem connected. This is a job where I’m able to put all my skills and interests together and push myself.”

What is the best part so far?

“The people. Having the opportunity to work with and learn from very passionate, talented, creative, supportive, and forward-thinking professionals.” She describes a trust and comfort in the rest of the team. If Martin and Lauralee come up with a concept she knows she’ll be working from a strong foundation. She knows the project will be managed carefully and that the in-house video and sound pieces will be flawless. “It allows me to produce my own best work because they are all so amazing. I feel very lucky and humble to be a part of this team.”

What does your average day look like?

“There hasn’t been an average day,” she says. “Some days are nose to the grindstone getting things done, others are full of creative sessions and collaborative meetings. The type of work we do here, building innovative projects to solve complex problems, varies each day depending on the challenge at hand.”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the world of learning?

“When you invest a lot of creative energy and put it towards education, people can have a joyful and engaging experience.” She stressed the need for using creative and captivating strategies in education. Commercials, viral campaigns, and mobile apps have harnessed the power of design; “education can do the same.”  

By Lauren Huxtable

Lauren HuxtableLauren is a Toronto local but has a hunger for learning and the rest of the world that rarely lets her stay home for long. After completing a specialized program at King’s College in Halifax, she returned to complete degrees in Writing, Philosophy, and Psychology at the University of Toronto. She continues to develop her writing and philosophizing skills through post graduate studies and backpacking abroad whenever possible.