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8 Things We Learned from Neil Pasricha at HRPA 2017

By , and on February 10, 2017

Last week, the Learnography team exhibited at the 2017 HRPA Conference and Trade Show. We had the lucky opportunity to catch Neil Pasricha‘s keynote address, “Happier People, Happier Organizations.” The author of the best-selling book, The Book of Awesome, spoke with great purpose as we relished in the personal experiences and wisdom he shared with us. Neil has dedicated his life to exploring his own path to happiness and in his keynote he shared his findings, helping us to take charge of our own happiness. 


Here are some of the strategies we learned:

  1. Spend twenty minutes a day meditating and focusing on breathing. For me, this is important as I never find enough time in my schedule to relax and focus on myself rather than everything going on around me.” (Tia)
  2. “Neil explained that acts of kindness are the most surefire path to happiness because doing nice things for others makes us feel better about ourselves. So altruism is not so selfless after all, and that’s okay, because if five acts of kindness a week can make you happier, everyone wins!” (Kate)
  3. “Apparently, happy people journal. Neil encouraged us to write for 20 minutes a day about positive things that happened that day. When you read it back, the mind re-lives the emotions experienced and you feel positive all over again.” (Kyla)
  4. Put less time towards meaningless decisions to allow increased time for decisions that matter. I now am in the process of trying to spend a few minutes on the weekend to plan my outfits for the week. Doing this decreases the time that I spend deciding what to wear in the morning, and makes the day flow easier already.” (Tia)
  5. “Tia mentioned spending less time on unimportant things to make room for what matters. For me, that means regulating my email use and limiting it to 2 hrs a day. Neil suggested checking email at 9 am and again at 4 pm, keeping my email window closed the rest of the day. It has been a challenge, but it’s already paying off in terms of productivity!” (Kate)
  6. Happy people are grateful. According to Neil, we only have to do 5 “gratitudes” a week – that’s less than one a day! Every year at Thanksgiving, my family goes around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for and we all feel really good after — why not do that every day?” (Kyla)
  7. Learn by doing: many people never try new things because they don’t like to do things they aren’t good at, but if we just jump in and get going we fill find that there are lots of things we CAN do, and then we’ll want to do them! With this in mind, I am trying to remain open to new experiences because I never know where my next passion lies.” (Kate)
  8. “Contrary to everything we had once believed, success won’t bring us happiness. Get happy first, then you’ll do great work, and then you’ll find that big success.” (Kyla)

Tia Brierley

linkedin bwAs a student at the University of Waterloo, I am joining Learnography for my first co-op term. Pursuing a degree in Environment and Business I continue learning both inside the classroom and through my new work experiences. You can find me outdoors when I’m not working or in class as I am always on the move.


Kyla Clarke

Kyla ClarkeI am a writer and traveler at heart whose passion for digital and social media (okay, and pop culture) runs as deep as my passion for learning. With a linguistics degree from Carleton University and a professional writing diploma from Algonquin College under my belt, I continue to seek ongoing education in all areas of life: learning languages, interacting with those who are unlike me, and absorbing the latest in current events. In my spare time, you’ll find me at rock concerts, yoga classes, or eating pad thai.

Kate Salmon

Kate SalmonKate Salmon (@CSCKate) is a Communications Specialist and general word nerd from Ottawa, Ontario. With a BA in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo, she continues her learning journey at Learnography with a great team of former educators who are dedicated to creating transformative learning experiences. She lives in Toronto with her very fat cat.