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Promoting Student Engagement and Well-Being With FSL

By on September 28, 2017

To encourage greater student engagement and well-being in FSL, Learnography collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of Education to develop a new interactive resource for FSL teachers, parents, and students.

student engagement fsl

As a result of our collaborative process, Learnography is proud to unveil Student Engagement and Well-Being in FSL, an online resource supporting student engagement and well-being in FSL. This resource was developed with the Ontario Ministry of Education through a collaborative inquiry project involving four boards of dedicated FSL facilitators, each selected for their interest in increasing student engagement. Representatives from each of the boards shared perspectives and insights from their work. The interactive resource reflects the themes and findings from this collaborative process. The project’s development made it a priority to include the crucial perspectives of school principals and FSL teachers who are at the ground level, creating these environments.

The pilot project produced four core themes around which the resource revolves:

Voice – Using student voice to transform FSL school culture
Technology – Using technology to improve student outcomes in FSL
Data – Using data to inform decision making and improve learning
Principals – Recognizing the Principal’s role in creating a positive FSL culture

The resource includes innovative guidance on how to shift the classroom from a grading culture to a learning culture, to foster student confidence, and promote retention in FSL programs. Check out the resource and learn more about FSL here.