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By on December 7, 2017

The Future of AI for Learning

I don’t know if it’s because I recently saw Bladerunner 2049, but Artificial Intelligence (AI), operating systems, data sets and bots have been on my mind. This was the perfect convergence of inspiration at DevLearn 2017 when the first keynote speaker kicked off the conference with a future-focused discussion on AI. Amy Webb, an acclaimed […]

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By on November 16, 2017

The ‘Now and Next’ of Learning Technology: DevLearn 2017

As a return participant at DevLearn, I had an understanding of what to expect from the 3-day-long conference, and did it ever live up to my expectations. In reflecting on the many sessions, keynotes, and conversations, the recurring message of the conference was clear: the learning climate and the vehicles we use to engage our […]

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By on October 19, 2017

Fall Learning at Fund Futures

This fall presented not only my favourite coffee choices (which I look forward to all year long), but also a very exciting learning opportunity. It was back-to-school for me as I was able to participate in a 6-week program through Interactive Ontario called Fund Futures. The program is all about taking Ontario’s emerging interactive digital […]

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By on September 28, 2017

Promoting Student Engagement and Well-Being With FSL

To encourage greater student engagement and well-being in FSL, Learnography collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of Education to develop a new interactive resource for FSL teachers, parents, and students. As a result of our collaborative process, Learnography is proud to unveil Student Engagement and Well-Being in FSL, an online resource supporting student engagement and well-being […]

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By on June 30, 2017

Collaborative Case Study: The Making of

StreamAble, a recent client project developed by Learnography, is a digital learning site devoted to raising awareness about Ontario’s Accessible Employment Standard, and showcasing sectors that have made big strides in creating inclusive workplaces. Here’s an inside look at the design team’s project approach from some of the integrated team members who brought this project […]

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By on June 8, 2017

Remaining Risks in the Mature Digital Learning Market

Since the name was first coined in 1999, the strategies and mechanics of eLearning have matured and evolved dramatically, but there are still some imperfections. From my experience in digital learning, there are three main areas for improvement. Gamification Gamification presents educational content in the context of a game scenario in order to maximize user […]

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By on May 30, 2017

Do we need physical learning spaces in the digital age?

For me, the need for a physical learning space is intuitive – it reminds me of my touchstone experiences at the library as a child. But with so many new digital resources available, some professionals are asking if we still need physical learning spaces. Last month at the ConnectEd Conference, I had the pleasure of […]

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By on March 2, 2017

Meet #TeamLearnography: Danijel Margetic

On an average day in the Learnography office, it is impossible to ignore the constant hustle and (productive) bustle. I caught up with our Media Manager, Danijel Margetic to learn what a typical day is like in the Media department. What does your average day look like? “First I dodge the alligator pit, feed the […]

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By on January 26, 2017

Experience Design in Digital Learning

“Learning by experience” is all the rage these days. The concept has blown up–and for good reason. When people connect learning to the actual doing or experiencing of that learning, it leads to a deeper comprehension and connection to the subject matter. So what is “experiential learning” and how do you design experiences in the […]

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By on January 17, 2017

Digital Learning Trends from TechKnowledge 2017

Last week, I attended ATD’s TechKnowledge conference in Las Vegas, and it was my first experience with both the city and the conference. I was all ready and raring to learn about how virtual reality is going to impact the way we learn at work, or how gamification has changed the game. But my biggest […]

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