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By and on February 5, 2018

Introducing Learnography’s Innovation Lab

2017 was a year to be proud of with great client collaborations and quite a few exciting awards under our belt. But we always strive to have our finger on the pulse and our vision set to the future in the learning space. With that in mind, 2018 started off with a bang for Learnography […]

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By on December 5, 2017

Learning Out Loud: Adapting Our Learning in the Youtube Age

Learning is no longer just about books. In this episode of Learning Out Loud, our team explores adapting learning in the Youtube age, and how best to bring information to the learners. From social media and gifs to interactive magazines and e-learning modules, digital learning is all around us and highly adaptable. To listen to […]

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By on November 16, 2017

The ‘Now and Next’ of Learning Technology: DevLearn 2017

As a return participant at DevLearn, I had an understanding of what to expect from the 3-day-long conference, and did it ever live up to my expectations. In reflecting on the many sessions, keynotes, and conversations, the recurring message of the conference was clear: the learning climate and the vehicles we use to engage our […]

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By on October 19, 2017

Fall Learning at Fund Futures

This fall presented not only my favourite coffee choices (which I look forward to all year long), but also a very exciting learning opportunity. It was back-to-school for me as I was able to participate in a 6-week program through Interactive Ontario called Fund Futures. The program is all about taking Ontario’s emerging interactive digital […]

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By on August 3, 2017

Meet #TeamLearnography: Valerie Klein Litman

The team at Learnography is a close-knit group of lifelong learners, which is why it’s always so exciting when we welcome an enthusiastic new face. I sat down with Valerie Klein Litman, who, after several months in a freelance role, is our new Web/Interactive Designer. Welcome to the team, Valerie! Get to know her below: […]

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By on July 13, 2017

ScreenMe: Promoting Sun Safety in Summer 2017

Learnography is proud to have recently completed a successful sun safety project for the Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC). ScreenMe is a digital, offline-accessible learning resource on sun safety for summer camp staff. Creative development of the course prioritized client needs and cooperation, perspective-changing content, and a resource users could return to. For its debut […]

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By on June 8, 2017

Remaining Risks in the Mature Digital Learning Market

Since the name was first coined in 1999, the strategies and mechanics of eLearning have matured and evolved dramatically, but there are still some imperfections. From my experience in digital learning, there are three main areas for improvement. Gamification Gamification presents educational content in the context of a game scenario in order to maximize user […]

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By on May 18, 2017

Meet #Team Learnography: Jay McDowall

In a close-knit community like Learnography, it’s impossible to miss a smiling new face in the office. I sat down with our new Learning Strategies Director, Jay McDowall, to learn about his journey to Learnography and what he’s been up to so far. What brings you to Learnography? “I was at a crossroads in my career, […]

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By on May 5, 2017

Expanding Your Skillset #ThingsLGYLikes

With #EducationWeek coming to a close, #TeamLearnography got to talking about learning with tech and we wanted to share some of our favourite apps to learn and expand our skillsets with. Explore more below, and be sure to tell us: how do you use apps and technology to learn? With over 80 000 educational apps […]

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By on April 21, 2017

Join #TeamLearnography in celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week!

In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Week, the team at Learnography is taking a little bit of extra time to encourage innovation and creativity in both our professional and personal lives. Here’s how we are creating and innovating: Kevin is spending his free time this week begining to build his new innovative app called […]

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