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Join #TeamLearnography in celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week!

By on April 21, 2017

In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Week, the team at Learnography is taking a little bit of extra time to encourage innovation and creativity in both our professional and personal lives. Here’s how we are creating and innovating:

creativity innovation

  • Kevin is spending his free time this week begining to build his new innovative app called Project Renovator!
  • Shaan is making time to get outside in the fresh air, allowing room for more creative thinking. 
  • Kate is going to get her creative juices flowing by busting out her stress-relieving colouring book!
  • Gabriel is preparing for a well-deserved trip to Portugal, which has pushed him into trying new creative recipes in the kitchen.
  • Kyla has been doing a little extra creative writing at home, which in turn helps to stimulate creative muscles in her work life.
  • Lauralee is travelling to a city on her bucket list (San Francisco), which will provide creative inspiration for her projects with an open mind and innovation on the brain.
  • Martin is tapping into many creating avenues by art directing the marketing and production of a new queer comedy show!

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