Different Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Different Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

Are you considering tooth replacement options but need clarification on whether dental implants suit you? Dental implants can be a great option. They do have good points, but there are other choices. There may be options that better meet your needs and tastes.

We’ll go over the best options besides dental implants. Each one has its advantages, and the one that is the best depends on your situation. If you take your time evaluating all possible alternatives, you can make an informed choice and pick the most appropriate option to replace a tooth.

What Are Other Options For Tooth Replacement?

A few options for dental implants are listed below:


Dentures are the most popular option for tooth replacement, and with good reason. They are customizable, easy to apply, and inexpensive. Dentures are an excellent option for those who have lost most or all their teeth because they can replace more than one tooth and do not require surgery in a dental office. They can be removed to clean and maintain.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be a fantastic alternative to dental implants. A bridge is a prosthetic device that can replace one or several missing teeth. The combination of two or more crowns on either end of the gap and one false tooth in the middle comprise a bridge. The crowns are placed over healthier teeth on each side then the artificial tooth joins on top of the crowns. Dental bridges are less invasive than dental implants and may be an excellent option for those with healthy teeth on both sides of the gap.

Resin-Bonded Bridge

A bridge made of resin is a less invasive and affordable alternative to traditional dental bridges. It is usually used to replace a missing tooth in the dental front. A resin-bonded bridge comprises false teeth with wings made of metal that are attached to adjacent teeth. Unlike traditional bridges, bridges do not require the nearby teeth to be ground down. They are also less invasive and affordable than dental implants. 

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Implant-Supported Bridge

A bridge supported by implants is similar to a traditional dental bridge but is secured to dental implants, not healthy teeth. It’s a suitable alternative if you’ve lost several teeth in a row but still have some healthy ones. Implant-supported bridges can provide more stability and support, which makes them an excellent alternative to conventional bridges and dental implants.


Flippers are removable partial dentures that replace any missing or damaged teeth. It’s a temporary solution usually used in the interim while waiting for a more permanent tooth replacement alternative, like a dental implant. Flippers can be crafted to fit your mouth precisely, are very easy to use, and can be purchased at affordable prices.

Dental Crowns

Most of the time, dental crowns are used to repair broken teeth but also to replace missing teeth. A crown is a custom-made cap placed over the remaining good tooth. It can replace single or multiple missing teeth in the same row. Dental crowns are less invasive than dental implants and could be a fantastic option in cosmetic dentistry for those with healthy teeth left.


Implants aren’t the only option available for tooth replacement. Dentures, bridges, implant-supported bridges, resin-bonded bridges, flippers, and dental crowns can be options that are less costly, more invasive, less intrusive, or more comfortable than dental implants. If you think about your requirements and preferences, it is possible that you can make an informed decision and pick the tooth replacement choice that is most suitable for you.

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