A Few Fun Facts About Weed

A Few Fun Facts About Weed

It’s unlikely that you’ll meet an adult who hasn’t experimented with marijuana. There are now widespread acceptance and legalization of marijuana. The vast majority of people know little about marijuana outside of how to roll a joint and light up. Let’s take a quick break to learn some interesting details about weed. You’ll have a great time, that much is certain.

Cannabis has a long history.

Cannabis, contrary to popular assumption, has been around for thousands of years, long before its discovery in the 1960s. In ancient China, people ate cannabis seeds and used the oil, rope, and textiles made from them.

Trade with Africa, Europe, and the Middle East increased Chinese exposure to cannabis. At first, the plant was used to make paper, but afterward, it was used to make medication.

While cannabis remains illegal in many parts of the United States, its use is legalized in others. That’s why there was a boom in sales at a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. Legislators define the limits by comparing cannabis strains high in THC to those high in CBD.

There are over 200 cannabis slang terms.

The common names for cannabis include “grass,” “weed,” and “pot,” although over two hundred slang terms exist. The English call it a “gasper stick,” but the Spanish and Portuguese speakers call it “Caracas.”

There was a common nicknaming of cannabis among Vietnam War soldiers. They called marijuana their “dinky down cigarette” because of the wacky things it made them do.

The “Doomsday Vault”

Fun facts about marijuana include its existence in the “Doomsday Vault.” There are various plant seeds, including cannabis seeds, stored in a secret vault. The island of Svalbard, located exactly midway between the North Pole and Norway, is where the vault can be found.

In 2008, the Doomsday Vault welcomed its first visitors, but the idea has been around since the 1980s. Retired executive director of the Crop Trust, Carly Fowler, conceived the vault to store duplicates of several seed types. To ensure the viability of the seed samples, they are kept frozen in the safe.

One of the largest seed deposits in the vault’s history arrived in 2020. More than 60,000 accepted seed samples were from 36 different organizations and nations.

The first online purchase.

Before you can pre-order cannabis online from cannabis shops in Parachute, CO., are you aware of how the first online transaction occurred? There is a solution, and it’s weed. In 1971, a group of students from Stanford University completed the first-ever online purchase. In particular, cannabis was touted as the key offering.

Allegedly, the students bought marijuana from other MIT students through an internet black market. However, many believe that MIT students are the ones who buy cannabis from Stanford students.

The same as chocolate high. 

I bet you didn’t know that eating chocolate gives you the same high as smoking weed. It takes more of the former to achieve the same outcomes, but it does work. Both chocolate and cannabis from a marijuana store in Silt activate the feel-good chemical anandamide by binding to the same receptors. The neurotransmitter in question elevates one’s disposition.


Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. The era of marijuana’s prohibition, stigmatization, and alleged addiction facts and fallacies has only just emerged on the global stage. Marijuana’s rich background and extensive research have provided a wealth of material for serious and irreverent marijuana trivia. There is unquestionably a lot more to learn about this powerful and mysterious plant, and not all of it is funny or foolish.

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