Easy and Practical Guide on How to Choose the Best Fence for your Property

Easy and Practical Guide on How to Choose the Best Fence for your Property

Installing a fence means creating a barrier around your farm, house, or business. The type and kind of material you use will play a vital role in the exterior design of your property. At the same time, it will provide some other benefits such as security, privacy, and safety. But with many choices on the market, it can be tricky to choose which one meets your needs.

Consider these easy yet practical tips to know the suitable fencing to build around your property:

1. Know your Needs

Before deciding on what type of material to use for your fence, you need to know your goal on why you are installing it. Ask yourself why you need a fence. If it’s for privacy, vinyl, wood, or bamboo can be the best choices. If you’re interested in finding both environmentally and budget-friendly, consider bamboo.

On the other hand, vinyl is low-maintenance in comparison with wood. Unlike wood, it does not warp, rot, or attract pests. All you need are soap and water to clean it. Even though you can not paint it to match the color of your house, they are manufactured in various colors, so it must not be difficult to find one that you like. As for wood for a privacy fence, it suits nearly all kinds of landscapes and houses. If your primary concern is to set boundaries, you can have many options and even use your fence to add curb appeal.

2. Know the Different Kinds of Fences

Nowadays, there are many kinds of fences that you could find on the market. You might have the design in your mind at this time, but it is still best to be familiar with the materials along with their characteristics. For instance, if you’re searching for an elegant and attractive but simple fence, an aluminum fence is a great choice. If you have a farm, you can opt for wood, barbed wire, woven wire, higher tensile wire, electrical, or synthetic fences.

Here are the most popular fence materials you can check out:

  • Bamboo fence
  • Aluminum fence
  • Eco-stone fence
  • Chain link
  • Farm fence
  • PVC white-picket fence
  • Vinyl white-picket fence
  • Wood fence
  • Wrought iron

3. Think About the Design

No matter how large or small your space is, adding a decorative element makes your property look fabulous and fancy. Though many think a fence is a privacy solution, there are actually much more!

While you can install a fence on your own, hiring expert fencing contractors to handle your fencing project can provide many benefits. Besides being trained for many years, they’re also experienced with the complete tools required to finish your fence. If you have a design idea, you can communicate it to your contractors, and in return, they will provide suggestions and expert advice so that your fence will come out attractive and functional.

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4. Consider the Price and Maintenance

Some fences are clearly more expensive than others. Usually, you’d select a fence that is cost-effective. While wrought iron remains the priciest material, aluminum is a cheaper alternative. Though metal is valuable because of its durability and exceptional appearance, it will not offer much privacy because of the spaces between its railings. But it is still among the best choices to secure your kids and pets from running outside your yard. Plus, it is low maintenance, with rust as the only potential problem to face in the future.

For homeowners with a tight budget, you can consider a chain-link fence. Although it doesn’t offer much privacy, it’s also an affordable security option. Do cheaper fences mean low quality? Cheap materials are often cheap because the materials used to develop them are readily accessible. But it’s worth noting that you might only enjoy your low-priced fence for several years.

Whatever material you choose, remember to always check your local town or city hall for fencing regulations. Moreover, be cautious of the boundaries of your neighbors to prevent future issues.



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