Wallpapers and Wall Murals and Their Differences

Wallpapers and Wall Murals and Their Differences

Trending now is wall coverings that make a bold statement. Adding depth and a little drama to living spaces is the brand-new breed of high-end wallpapers. Design-wise, today’s wallpapers are much better than ever and are fit to be in art galleries. Now that wallpaper’s appeal is back, more homeowners and interior designers are increasingly using this versatile option.

Checking out online shops and catalogs, however, show that there are wallpaper and wall murals. So, what is the difference between them, and what can better suit your home? Let us take a look at and compare wallpaper and murals.

How They Are Different


The newest wallpapers you can put up on walls are made to be long-lasting. There are materials utilized in making both, usually vinyl, vinyl-coated paper, and so on. Murals can be produced on photo paper, canvas, or polyester. In any case, these materials have been treated to be resistant to quick wear and germs and are fire retardants.

Murals Come in Panels, and Wallpapers Come in Rolls

As stated, murals are available in panels and are made to fit. An initial consultation with the vendor is essential so they can supply the mural with a specific size. This makes murals more environmentally friendly since you will have little to no wastage. Wallpaper rolls are mass-produced and have typical standard sizes. Installation would suggest that there will be cutting and matching of patterns.

Murals Are Customizable

Not only will vendors give the specific size needed for a mural, but they can also print requests. Makers can digitally resize images or print personal high-resolution pictures from the customer. The designers are versatile and can produce images and image sizes that are perfect for your room size. 

If you prefer designer wallpapers for walls, though, there is no need to worry about finding the right one for you. These rolls are available in different beautiful styles that can satisfy your visual tastes.


Murals are typical “accent pieces” and are meant to only go onto one side of the room. Murals are made to create a statement and are unlikely to be on all four walls in a space. For instance, a cherry blossom mural for your walls goes together with complimentary wallpaper. These massive beauties add a three-dimensional depth to any room.

On the contrary, wallpaper can be used on all walls in a room. Aside from visual appeal, wallpaper can connect the whole style together. The small images will not be as overwhelming as murals and can serve other functions such as decorative projects for small products.


These wall coverings share the exact same purpose: they transform your spaces into a masterpiece, display your interests and tastes, and modernize your spaces. You can pick from many styles and types readily available online and in stores. Whatever you choose, you give your living spaces something extra, and you can enjoy glamorous visuals daily.

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