What Happens If You Have Cancer

What Happens If You Have Cancer

Since ancient times, cancer has been a devastating disease. It has been a battle we have fought for many years. In ancient Egyptian writings, it was even recorded. We still hear and see the terrible effects of this horrible disease on people up to today. This disease is something we are familiar with and may have even known of people who have been diagnosed. The worst part about cancer is the fact that there are many types. These variants can be localized and specific to a particular part of the body. Each variant causes damage unique to the specific organ or part of your body. 

Targets Organs

We have identified multiple cancers through scientific research. The simple way to understand cancer is by understanding how it develops. Cancer is a growth and spread of cells in an uncontrollable manner. Organs within the body are the origins of these cells. These cells can be classified as cancers. Different cancers have different effects on organs. These cancers may require specific treatment and management. Oncology research is one subject that does help in the unique treatments of the disease.

Bowel Cancer

This type of cancer is sometimes called rectal cancer or colon cancer. This is when cancer cells originate in the large bowel. These symptoms include bowel movement problems and abdominal pains. You may experience frequent bloody stool or bowel habits that cause you to defecate more frequently. Bowel cancer stages are something to also consider.

Brain Cancer

This type of cancer could be classified as a more complex one. Brain cancer is rare and most often occurs in patients who have had a history of cancer or are currently suffering from another type of cancer. Metastasis is the most common way for brain cancer to develop. Metastasis is the process in which cancer cells spread or affect other areas of the body. Research and statistics show that metastatic brain cancer has a low survival rate because it is secondary to the initial cancer. There are many symptoms we might not recognize as normal. This could include new or increased frequency of headaches as well as nausea, vomiting, difficulty maintaining balance, fatigue, and many other symptoms. This condition can be very distressing as it progresses.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common type. These cancers are very common and have been in high trends for many years. This is due to the main causes being secondhand smoke, smoking, and asbestos. From the early 1950s through the 1990s, there was a large influx of regular smokers. Over half the population smoked tobacco products during those years and exposed others to secondhand smoke. They consider smoking to be a hobby and a way to relieve stress. This led to an increase in lung cancer diagnoses. Additionally, people with lung cancer were more likely to have their children develop lung cancer. This disease is also high-risk for people that do not smoke because asbestos has been used in a lot of buildings over the years.

Bladder Cancer

The causes of bladder cancer may also be linked to lung cancer. Tobacco smoking is a major cause of bladder cancer. Because smoking can cause chemicals to spread in the bloodstream, our kidneys will filter these carcinogens out of the body through the urine. These carcinogenic compounds are then stored in the bladder. It is possible to experience unpleasant sensations when you urinate because of this type of cancer. It can cause bloody or bloody urine, difficulty urinating, blood clots, burning sensations, and other problems related to passing urine. You can learn more in articles on bladder cancer here.



There are many types of cancer. These cancerous cells can spread to any part of the body and cause them to metastasize. This disease can cause a variety of symptoms, which will make it very difficult to function normally. These cancers require special treatment and management. This is one thing to remember: we still have to fight this disease. It is important to prevent this disease from spreading by changing our lifestyles and possibly curbing our bad habits.

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