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eLearning in the 21st Century

By on June 30, 2016

eLearning in the 21st Century: Inspiring deep learning opportunities for today’s busy professionals

At Learnography, we believe effective learning is not a one-time event. To achieve deep learning, a continuous process to support, reinforce, and validate learning is immensely important. We also understand that busy professionals value ongoing professional development but have a hard time fitting it into their schedules. Ongoing learning and busy learners scream opportunity.

In today’s hyper-connected world, there are endless technologies to lever for ongoing bite-sized learning on demand. So is technology the solution? According to our in-house team of specialists, technology is not a quick fix. They think it is important to consider how to engage your learner so that they are not only consuming the material – but actually applying it. There needs to be an integrated engagement strategy because there is no magic bullet to perfect learning in today’s knowledge economy. Learning, today more so than ever before, is an art and a science.

Learning in the 21st century requires a balance between all the elements that make a great learning experience. From technology to culture, from strategy to solution, learners need a dynamic approach that will truly be engaging.

Learning should be smartly built, efficiently delivered, beautifully designed, and strategically integrated into an individual’s normal patterns and today that includes digital, connected and online experiences.

By Jessica Chorney

Jessica Chorney I’m currently a student in Wilfrid Laurier University’s business program. My interests in human behaviour and social culture have led me to pursue a minor in psychology to complement my business degree. I plan to connect my understanding of the two subjects in order to implement innovative and intriguing marketing strategies in my future.