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CEO Amy Coupal

At Learnography, we believe in the potential of people.

We believe that when people are effectively empowered, they can achieve anything. We believe success comes from performing at your best, nurturing your talents, and sharing those talents with your community. We believe people who reach their goals are happier, more productive team members. That’s why we believe in learning. Want in?


Share. Ideas.

Learning is a lifelong endeavour. Whether it’s designing learning modules, developing learning programs, or evaluating existing resources, we apply our knowledge as professional educators to ensure you achieve the learning objectives that matter most to you.

Complexity. Clarity.

For over 20 years we have been distilling complex topics into engaging learning experiences. Our collaborative process identifies outcomes that are meaningful and measurable. From performance to compliance, we help organizations solve a variety of challenges.

Subject. Matters.

We operate by a standard of excellence and have evolved to serve the ever-changing needs of learners. As a full-service learning solutions provider, we transform information and ideas into customized learning experiences for targeted audiences.

Leadership. Expertise.


Amy Coupal M.Ed


Turns vision into action; drives results

Leads Learnography’s talented team with vast educational experience and extensive hands-on knowledge of innovative learning practices.


Pauline Beggs

Development Director

Education champion; pedagogical expert

Builds sound competency frameworks to support learning for specified audiences, adding depth and relevance to Learnography’s service offerings.


Anita Sherwin-Hamer M.Ed

Evaluations Director

Committed to quality; driven by standards

Executes Learnography’s resource evaluations, leveraging 40 years of experience in education to ensures a high standard of excellence.

Jay McDowall

Jay McDowall

Learning Strategies Director

Learning innovator; game planner

Collaboratively shapes and implements learning ecosystems for prospective and current projects, utilizing leading edge learning paradigms.


Gina Melvin

Operations Director

Process engineer; jack of all trades

As the backbone of the organization, she manages all internal operations and remains committed to operational excellence and teamwork every day.


Danijel Margetic

Media Manager

Video production maven; accessibility guru

Drives creative solutions to fulfill the project vision, leveraging his expertise producing, writing, directing and editing hundreds of hours of media content.

Lauralee Sheehan

Lauralee Sheehan

Design Manager

User experience architect; digital learning addict

Leads the design team in creative concept development and production of integrated media solutions that provide interactive, innovative, and impactful learning experiences.


Team. Work.

Learnography Team
Meet the team at Learnography. We’re the most polite, creative, patient, ambitious people you’re going to meet. We aren’t driven by money, prestige, or self-interest; we’re driven by purpose – and we love working together.

Learn. Evolve.