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Learnography – Meet Our Team

Learnography delivers custom solutions for every part of the learning cycle — from assessing audience needs, to developing learning experiences, to validating learning materials.



As learning experts, we create custom-built resources that meet the unique needs of your audience.

We help you determine the format and design of resources to enhance the learning experience.

Our evaluators validate the quality of print and digital resources for preschool, K-12, workplace, and adult learning.



Curriculum Development
We can start from scratch to develop appropriate curricula based on identified competencies and learning outcomes.

Program Design
As instructional design specialists, we develop engaging programs in a variety of formats that align with learning outcomes.

Online Learning
We build eLearning, mobile learning, and website solutions customized for your audience.



We create, support, test, host, and monitor educational websites and social networks.

Video & Audio Production
We create film and audio including live action, simulations, scripted video, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and more.

Web Conferencing
From HD live streaming to prerecorded events, we offer hosting facilities, training, and support before, during, and after your event.



Needs & Program Review
We assess your audience needs and the learning environment to determine gaps in current programming, and recommend solutions.

Competency-Based Programming
We help define relevant competencies for your community to inform programming and training-related decision making.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)
We assist regulatory bodies and associations in defining and implementing a process to assess the prior learning of their members.

Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge. Mobilization.

At Learnography, we see knowledge mobilization as bridging the gap between research and practice — and we’re really good at it. Tapping into the power of social media, blogging, and our unique personalities, we are bringing a fresh take on knowledge mobilization. How can we share your message?

Case Studies

Model. Projects.

Exciting projects and great causes: our free case studies detail learning journey success stories. Submit your email below to receive a case study.

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Context. Matters.


One of our greatest strengths is how easy we make it to work together. We achieve and deliver success with effective collaboration practices and tools. We apply rigourous quality assurance measures to give you the best experience possible.


Your learning objectives are our top priority. We use the latest and most relevant technologies in our production process. We incorporate state-of-the-art hardware and software so you always have the right resources working for you and your project.


As leaders in accessible learning, we meet or exceed the highest levels of legislated accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AAA). From live captioning to sign language to responsive design, we produce accessible and engaging learning experiences.


We’re revolutionizing the learning industry by developing innovative, custom learning experiences. We use the latest and most effective tools, technologies, and talents to optimize the impact of every solution we deliver.